EDLab net is mainly devoted to the study and experimental validation of advanced issues related to the design and the control of electrical motors for variable speed drives for any industrial, commercial and home application.
A distinctive recognized feature of EDLab is the development of researches in tight synergy between the motor designers and the control designers.

AC motor drives are studied with deeper attention than other drives. And among the AC motor drives, wider effort has been reserved to PM synchronous machines that are investigated both from the advanced electromagnetic/power electronic design and the high performance and innovative control algorithms points of view.
Power of the considered drives ranges from few tens of watts (for home appliances for example) to megawatts (for wind generators, ship propulsion, …)

Some area of drive applications predominate over other. It is worth pointing out the recent interest towards electrical traction and propulsion for land and water mobility as well as applications for distributed energy generation from renewable and alternative energy sources.
Drives for home appliances and commercial use have been also frequently encontered.

EDLab activity refers to both Fundamental researches and Applied researches.

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