Seminars and other

Herafter you can find a selection of Seminars and other Meetings organized by EDLab net.

  • 2016 - Predictive Control: the Powerful Method to Control Power Converters and Drives in the Future by Prof. Dr. Ing. Ralph Kennel (Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept., TUM Technische Universität München (D)) Read more
  • 2009 - Seminar by Hector Zelaya ( (Automation Technologies - Mechatronics and Robot Automation Group - ABB Västerås, Sweden)): “A survey of Power Electronics for Industrial Applications. Case Study: RoboticsRead more
  • 2005 - Seminar by Stephan Williamnson (Univ. of Manchester UK) et al.: "Recenti Sviluppi ed Applicazioni del Motore Asincrono (Recent Advances and Applications for Induction Motors)" Read more

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