On going and recent Research Projects

EDLab research activities can be classified into the following areas:

FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCHES - They are aimed, as their primary objective, to the advancement of knowledge and the theoretical understanding of basic and emerging topics related to all the aspects of the Electrical Drives. Results of the Fundamental Researchs are later used profitably in Applied Research Projects; sometime a Fundamental Research Activity is triggered by the need of some Applied Research.
Among the topics dealing with at the moment and in the last years the following are worthy to be mentioned.

  • Rotor position sensorless detection for interior permanent magnet (IPM) motor drives, by signal injection. Read more
  • Design criteria for reducing the torque ripple in PM motors. Read more
  • Model predictive control for PM synchronous motor drives. Read more
  • Design and control of PM synchronous motors for operation in the flux weakening region. Read more
  • Design and control of Fault-tolerant motors and drives. Read more
  • Innovative design techniques for induction motors Read more

APPLIED RESEARCHES - They are aimed to the study, design and prototyping of advanced features, components, equipment related to all the aspects of the Electrical Drives. Hereafter a selection of the main ongoing reserch projects is reported.

  • Motors and drives for on board auxiliaries of more-electric-vehicles are study, designed and prototyped. Read more:
  • Motors and drives for the power train of full-electric or hybrid-electric vehicles are study, designed and prototyped. Read more:
  • Commercial and civil applications: Researches in this area deal with electrical motors and drives for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems as well as for home appliances (as washing machines), hand tools, lifts and so on.
  • Electric power generation: Electric generators for wind turbines , micro and mini hydroelectric plants and cogeration systems are among the research projects classified into this area.
  • Industry applications: Research in this area refer to the design of high efficiency motors and drives, sensorless control, torque motors and so on
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