EDLab NET activities and competences can be found by combining two or three keywords, one for each of the following groups:

1) Object: PM synchronous motor, Surface-mounted PM synchronous motor, Interior PM synchronous motor, Inset PM synchronous motor, Axial field PM synchronous motor, Reluctance synchronous motor, Induction motor, Rotor-wound induction motor, Single-phase induction motor, Linear PM motor, Tubular PM motor, Torque motor, Power electronic board, Digital controller.

2) Topic: Electromagnetic design and optimization, Finite element analysis, Electronic HW design, Torque ripple minimization, Efficiency Optimisation, Cogging torque minimization, Fault tolerant motor and/or control, Fractional slot winding, High speed, High torque, Speed sensor-less control, Position sensor-less control, Time-optimal current control, Time-optimal torque control, Random PWM, Flux-weakening control, Motion control, Parameter identification, Parameter measurement, Self-tuning.

3) Application: Industry, Machine tool, Hand tool, Light electrical traction, Ship propulsion, Lift and crane, Automotive, Steer-by-wire, Electrical energy generation, Home appliance, Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), Pump, Wind generator, Mini-hydraulic, Micro-turbine.


The Laboratories of EDLab Net have chosen to not offer their knowledge and competences to the design and development of military offensive apparatus or equipment, by confidential contracts established directly to military bodies or indirectly following specifications dictated by military offensive applications.

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