Hybrid Rig

The Electric Drives Laboratory at the University of Padova (EDLab-PD) is equipped with a Hybrid power train rig whose core is a single cylinder Diesel Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). The ICE throttle is controlled by a DC motor.
The test bench is really very versatile as required by a Laboratory research tool. On the same common shaft different electric machines can be connected, according to the power train configuration to be experimented. Among the electric machines one of them is operated as a brake that emulates the vehicle load in different running conditions. An additional outer rotor PM motor is connected to the ICE with also flywheel feature.
In order to reduce the noise the whole system is placed in a soundproof box, inside which all the components are supported by an anti-vibration base. An air exhauster pulls out the smoke and discharges gases outside the laboratory.
By the test bench researches about hybrid power trains can be experimented!

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