Instruments and Tools EDLab-Padova - October 2017

1 x Oscilloscope Tektronix TDS5043B 4-Channels/350 MHz

1 x Oscilloscope Lecroy 9314AL 4-Channels/300 MHz

3 x Oscilloscope Tektronix TBS2104 4-Channels/100 MHz - USB for data storage

8 x Oscilloscope Tektronix TSD2002C 2-Channels/70 MHz - USB for data storage

1 x Multimeter Fluke 87 V True rms with 400A Current Clamp

1 x LCR Meter PeakTech 2165 UBS Max Ranges 10MOhm/10mF/20kH (Fix Freq. 120Hz or 1kHz)

5 x Torquemeter Magtrol Rate Torque 100Nm/50Nm/20Nm/5Nm/1Nm

1 x Magtrol 3411 Torque Display with Magtrol Torque 7 Software (Designed for use with Torque Trasducers)

1 x Magtrol Dial Weight Dynamometer with Hysteresis Brake - 3 Range 8/16/32 kgcm

6 x dSPACE 1104 Controller Board for controller development (C or Simulink programming)

1 x Laboratory DC Switching Power Supply Delta Elektronica SM330-AR22 3.3kW 0-330Vdc/0-11A 0-165Vdc/0-22A

1 x Laboratory DC Switching Power Supply PeakTech 1530 0-16Vdc/0-60A

In addition

1 x 3D Printer - An Ultimaker-3 printer is available for manufacturing small size objects for prototyping activities.

1 x Manual winder machine - It is used for home manufacturing of motor windings.

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