Edlab Vicenza

In year 2006 a brand new research structure has started in Vicenza, in connection with the first-degree course in Mechatronics of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Padova (decentralised seat). The EDLab-VI is actually a part of the integrated laboratory on Mechatronics, in Vicenza, and its start-up activity is on advanced control of ac drives.


Head of the Laboratory is Mauro Zigliotto (ti.dpinu|ottoilgiz.oruam#!em liame) Read more
EDLab-VI is located at the University of Padova, Dept. of Technique and Management of Industrial Systems (DTG), Stradella S. Nicola, 3, 36100 Vicenza - Italy, (ti.dpinu|ottoilgiz.oruam#!em tcatnoc)


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