Edlab Udine

In year 2000, in connection with the transfer of one of the senior researchers of EDLab to the University of Udine, a new structure was started, i.e. EDLab-UD. Part of the research activities in the field of electrical drives moved from EDLab-PD to EDLab-UD, further enriched by research on drives and models for automotive, in particular for the steer-by-wire systems. In year 2006 a new permanent researcher position was created at the University of Udine within the field of electrical drives control, with the aim of extending the staff of EDLab Net, also gaining additional competences in high-performance digital controllers and power electronics design for electrical drives.


Head of the Laboratory is Roberto Petrella (ti.duinu|allertep.otrebor#!em liame) Read more
EDLab-UD is locate at the University of Udine, Dept. of Electrical, Management and Mechanical Engineering (DIEGM), Via delle Scienze, 208, 33100 Udine - Italy, (ti.duinu|allertep.otrebor#!em tcatnoc)


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