AC Motor Drives Technology Workshops

EDLab research activities have been hardly promoted within the industrial framework and many times they are carried out by a friendly support of industrial partners.

S.Bolognani was for a long time Member of a Working Group of CPV (Centro Produttività Veneto, an Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza for continuous education and technology transfer, till 2015 (, and President of an Association of local Industries in the Power electronics and Electromechanical fields.

A series of technical-scientific workshops (AC Motor Drive Technology Workshops) were co-organized by CPV and EDLab in the industrial district of Vicenza to meet industrial people and to stimulate common projects.

  • 16^ AC MOTOR DRIVES TECHNOLOGY - 2014: Stato dell’arte, aspettative e prospettive della mobilità elettrica nella Regione Veneto (State of the art, expectations and perspectives of electric mobility in the Veneto Region). Read more
  • 15^ AC MOTOR DRIVES TECHNOLOGY - 2012: Azionamenti elettrici per le nuove esigenze industriali (Electrical Drives for Industry Applications) Read more
  • 14^ AC MOTOR DRIVES TECHNOLOGY - 2011: Elettronica ed azionamenti per le applicazioni emergenti nell’energia (Power electronics and drives for emerging applications in the energy field) Read more
  • 13^ AC MOTOR DRIVES TECHNOLOGY - 2009: More electric vehicles: Sistemi elettromeccanici ed elettronici per una mobilità efficiente, sostenibile e sicura. Read more
  • 12^ AC MOTOR DRIVES TECHNOLOGY - 2007: Advanced Topics on Motor Drives for Emerging Applications, Read more
  • 11^ AC MOTOR DRIVES TECHNOLOGY - 2005: Motori sincroni lineari: prestazioni ed opportunità di impiego (Linear Synchronous Motors: performance and use opportunities), 6 maggio 2005, Fiera di Vicenza (Vicenza) Read more
  • 10^ AC MOTOR DRIVES TECHNOLOGY - 2003: Nuove prospettive dell'elettronica di potenza, 16 maggio 2003, Montecchio Maggiore, (Vicenza)
  • 08^ AC MOTOR DRIVES TECHNOLOGY - 2001: Azionamenti con motori sincroni per applicazioni civili e industriali, 7-8 maggio 2001, Fiera di Vicenza (Vicenza)
  • 07^ AC MOTOR DRIVES TECHNOLOGY - 2000: New trends in power electronics and motor drives.
  • 06^ AC MOTOR DRIVES TECHNOLOGY - 1998: Azionamenti sincroni a riluttanza: Innovazioni e opportunità applicative, 15 maggio 1998, Fiera di Vicenza (Vicenza)
  • 05^ AC MOTOR DRIVES TECHNOLOGY - 1997: Elettronica e Meccatronica per l'Automazione Industriale, 2-3 giugno 1997, Fiera di Vicenza (Vicenza) Read more
  • 04^ AC MOTOR DRIVES TECHNOLOGY - 1996: Status, Trends and Applications 7-8 maggio 1996, Fiera di Vicenza (Vicenza) Read more

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