Tutorial_1.png Tutorial course notes presented at the IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, Seattle 2004 and organized by Prof. T.M.Jahns (Univ.of Wisconsin-Madison) and Prof. N.Bianchi (Univ.of Padova). It was sponsored by the IEEE-IAS Electrical Machines Committee. The purpose of this tutorial is to give a thorough introduction to the interior permanent magnet (IPM) synchronous machine and techniques for achieving high-performance adjustable-speed motion control with this machine. The tutorial is intended for people who are already acquainted with the basic concepts of ac machines and adjustable-frequency control, but without much previous exposure to IPM machines. The tutorial course notes attempt to introduce and address nearly every aspect of the IPM machineĀ“s performance and motion control properties. The goal is to give readers a comprehensive introduction to all of the key issues related to the design, analysis, and control of IPM machines, giving a rich source of more detailed information about the IPM machine. The notes will also include an extended list of references that will give readers the opportunity to explore the topic more deeply on their own. (
Tutorial_2.png This textbook studies various performance of fractional-slot PM motors. Besides the common analysis, general rules are identified to determine rapidly if a solution (according to the combination of number of poles and slots) is or is not appropriate for a specific application. These simple but effective rules are essential for a correct choice of the motor geometry. Both finite element simulations and experimental results confirm the analytical predictions. (
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