Applied researches

Applied Researches are aimed to the study, design and the prototyping of advanced features, components, equipment related to all the applications of the Electrical Drives. National or European Industrial Innovation projects as well as confidential projects committed by industries usually support this kind of Research activity.

Hereafter a selection of the main applied reserch projects is reported (newest first)

  • Automotive - Motors and drives for on board auxiliaries of more-electric-vehicles are studied, designed and prototyped. Read more:
  • Electrical traction - Motors and drives for the power train of full-electric or hybrid-electric vehicles are study, designed and prototyped. Read more:
  • Commercial and civil applications - Researches in this area deal with electrical motors and drives for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems as well as for home appliances (as washing machines), hand tools, lifts and so on. Read more
  • Electric power generation - Electric generators for wind turbines , micro and mini hydroelectric plants and cogeration systems are among the research projects classified into this area. Read more
  • Industry applications - Research in this area refer to the design of high efficiency motors and drives, sensorless control, torque motors and so on Read more
  • Ship propulsion - Researches in this area pertain the study, design and testing of electrical components for naval propulsion units, making use of permanent magnet synchronous motor drives. Read more
  • Submersible electrical motor designed for 45 kW to be used in connection with pumps within 6 inches wells (European CRAFT Project 2002-04) – Read more
  • Computer Aided Commissioning of Speed and Position Control for Electrical Drives with Identification of Mechanical Load (European CRAFT Project 1997-98) - Read more
  • High speed motors - The research has been carried in order to design two PM machines: (1) a two-pole, 30 krpm, 1kW motor for a hand tool; (2) a four-pole, 12 krpm, with flux-weakening capability generator for on-board energy generation on trucks. Read more
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